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We have a wide range of heating and cooling services that are guaranteed to give you the peace of mind you deserve. If you're not fully happy, we'll do all we can to make sure you get the quality of service you deserve.

AC Cleaning

Keep your A/C device in top shape with daily maintenance from our highly trained team of professionals!

AC Replacement

Trust Texas Air Conditioning, Inc. for your AC installation, repair, & maintenance services for better comfort!

Furnace Cleaning

Once the weather cools down, we can keep your home comfortable. Give us a call at 773-207-0033 for heating help today!

Why You Should Hire Us

Don't take the risk of your air conditioning. If you're faced with a minor problem or a complete disaster, you need a solution that you can trust to meet the long-term demands of harsh weather in Texas. Prompt and conscientious reparation is a priority. Call on Larendo's experts and know that you benefit from the highest level of workmanship and value. We challenge ourselves on a daily basis to be the BEST in our business.

An Expert Laredo Company

There are quite a variety of companies providing ac repair services near me in Laredo, Texas. However, very few can measure up to what we do, and those that can match up will also charge higher fees than we do. We always work hard to address the needs of each customer in the best way possible, while giving everyone an affordable choice.We have a trained team of technicians who are very experienced in the field and who have years of experience in helping them. It doesn't matter whether you need new installations or upgrades for your A/C system. You can be sure that you're in safe hands.

Get an efficient Carrier system today!

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Do you know that much of the furnace maintenance calls could be stopped with the furnace tune-ups? We will discuss our maintenance plans while we're at your house.

What Does Hvac Stand For?

The HVAC is short on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We often use this abbreviation to refer to your entire heating and cooling system.

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